Costume Rental Terms and Condition

  1. There will be no extra charge if customer returns the item within 3 days
  2. After 3 days ₹ 50 will be charged per day if rent of a product is less than ₹300 and ₹100 if product rental is ₹300 to ₹1000
  3. After 7 days from the date of return product will be deemed sold and no security will be refunded
  4. Upon return any and all repairs necessary /Damage or accessories missing that were billed will be charged at our current rates and billed to the customer
  5. A full day rental is charged, even for partial day use.
  6. Costume and props can be booked in advanced before 7 days
  7. Our rentals and security are fixed, no bargain and security is must and paid in advance


Note – Extra charge applies on each costume separately

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