How to Win fancy Dress Competition for Kids

How to Win fancy Dress Competition for Kids



Before going over the topic let us understand why Schools conduct these types of competition

1.Purpose of the fancy dress competition is to make your child participate
2. It develops the overall personality of your kid
3. Removes performance anxiety
4. Creates a bonding between parents and child
5. Boost Confidence

Winning or loosing is just part of the game as participation is more important than winning. Even if your child loose always remember its just a competition and winning or loosing will only matter on how you react.So don’t pressurise your child let him enjoy the participation and it will automatically increases the performance. Here we are sharing few tips on how to bring the best from your child and make the impact in fancy dress competition.

We at Fancy Costume World will try to decode how to win that fancy dress competition.
Follow these few steps and that will increase the performance of your Kid.



It’s not only about fancy dress or costume

Fancy dress competition is not always about the fancy dresses that kids wear. It is how kid represent the character he is wearing and the dress adds up to the character.

Child can mimic the style of the character so that it look original like walking and doing the correct gestures.Remember always keep it simple complicating the steps and lines will only increases the chances of messing

Get Comfortable cloths

Don’t make your child wear the dress in which he/she is not comfortable with. Incorrect fitting clothes may unease your child and he might forget his lines or cannot do the right step as most rehearsals are done without wearing the costumes.

Prepare few lines about the character

Child can speak few lines about the character give him confidence during rehearsals as it increases the winning probability.

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