Community Helper Theme Costumes

Community Helper Theme

community helper

Fancy dress competitions are always fun. But choosing the fancy dress is always not easy as usually parents get bombarded with lot of dresses which are available in market or online.
We are trying to make the later part simple. So that you can decide on the dress and start preparing for the competition. through these competition children start communicating and will give them added confidence that will help them in improving the speaking ability.

Community helpers theme is not new but it is very interesting and creates instant impact.
Proper dress with accessories will give your child just the look you are thinking of.

community helper theme

Police Dress – you can dress up your child with police costume. Police costumes are easily available in the market and with proper accessories like pistol, Handcuff, Belt and cap it will be very interesting. child can also practice the line – Police catches thieves and keeps you safe

Traffic Police Cop – Traffic police dress is easily available and it contains Whistle, cap.
make your child learn few lines about the job which traffic police do. Child can also practice the line Traffic polices manages traffic on roads and keep you safe.

Fire Fighter This is one of the most unique dresses. You can get the fire fighter dress but have to create the extinguisher your self which is also very easy and creative. Child can also practice the line – Fireman keep us safe from fires.

Postmen Postmen dress is also very common but it also requires accessories which make it unique – Accessories contain – Post bag and cap. Child can learn the line – Postman delivers mail.

Doctor Dress – Doctor dress is also very interesting and children love it. This dress also comes with accessories – nursing bags, stethoscope, White coat
your child can learn the few lines on what doctor do – When you are sick or hurt, the doctor is there to help.

Teacher Dress – This dress is very cool outfit for girls. Every kid dream to be a teacher.
Teacher dress can be sari with specs.

Nurse Dress – Nurse dress is an important dress and this dress is very popular among girl
make your kid learn few lines on nurse like – Nurse checks and makes you feel better.

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