Fancy Costume Ideas for school Events

Fancy Costume Ideas for school Events


Fancy Dress competition is always a fun activity for parents as well as kids. Lot of time is spend on thinking what character suits your child or what fancy dress your kid should wear so it would look nice on him. It is a type of event that every child can participate. In today’s competitive environment schools also keeps fancy dress competition, Drama, Plays so that allround development of a child happens.

Remember fancy dress competition are also learning experience for your kid.

Fancy Dress competition is not about winning or loosing Its an exercise which plays a vital role in your child’s learning and understanding activity It removes the fear to face the crowd. It helps in keeping the nerves calm when your child faces the audience It also seeps the seed of innovation in your child Always appreciate your child even if he make mistakes and try to correct your child in most polite way.

How to create an instant impact

Choose from the variety of fancy dress available in the market Tell your kid about the character he will wear. make sure you also get the accessories with the costumes which will create more impact on the function. Note – Never let your child wear the costume or accessories if he is not comfortable in it. Make him learn few lines of the character that he will speak in front of other parents and audience Motivate your child and cheer him for every line he speaks. Fancy dress competition also brings the confidence to your child to face the audience. This activity is very important for your child growth. Shop with your kid and also consult with your child what dress he or she wants to wear that will create an interest and your child will perform much better in school.

How to prepare your child for fancy dress 

Choosing a dress is always not easy, ask your kid which animal he like most or what fruit is his favorite. Parents can also choose a dress as per the theme described by school and tell their kid what this dress represent and why it is good.

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  1. Choosing fruits and vegetable dressChoose a vegetable/fruit and tell your kid why it is important to have it in our meals what vitamins it has and how it will build your muscle and immunity Let him narrate a simple line about the fruit/vegetable
  2. Choosing junk food dressTell your child how the junk food effects the health and how easily on can get ill by consuming it on daily basis make him learn few lines about the ill effects of junk food.
  3. Choosing dress of national Leader– Make sure the dress represent the leader. Show your kid the original image of the leader and tell him why he is an important icon. why people love him and how he influence the life of other. Make him narrate few lines and always encourage your child.
  4. Choosing dress for Electronic ItemsYou can dress up your child in dresses like laptop, mobile and tell him how these things helps in communication and how to too much use effects our life.
  5. Colors of IndiaChoose dress which represent a particular state and child can dance and speak about the state and what are the characteristics of the state
  6. Mythological DressYour child can play maa Durga or Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna or any other mythological gods and goddess
  7. Fancy National Event Ideas –

National events and people for any country are important milestone which a nation needs to remember for their good deeds and Sacrifice towards nation.

You can celebrate your Independence day or republic day in a way that teaches your Kid the day importance and how the great people. leaders, freedom fighters, politician stood for our right and sacrificed their life.

Freedom struggle play You can put up a short play on freedom struggle and make kids wear the dress of freedom fighters and Britishers.

Important  Personality – Kids can imitate a freedom fighter like subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi and rehearse the phrases and lines which they use to speak.

Indian Kings who participated in Freedom struggle – Make your little Kid – Rani laxmi bai or Tipu Sultan.

In Addition —

Kids can play great personalities like  – Modi, Kalam, Sarojini Naidu, DR. babasaheb ambedkar, Mangal Pandey, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Indira Gandhi